Wyld Woman Manifesto


A Wyld Woman is one who embraces imperfection and still points out the good things every day. She doesn’t  expect out of others what she is unwilling to do herself. She believes our inner light is too bright not to shine and isn’t ashamed to revel in the awesomeness that is her. She doesn’t just take, she gives fully and lets the universe have her back.

A Wyld Woman believes if you think you can’t do something then you can’t and accepts that having those thoughts doesn’t make her a failure. She wants a life that makes her feel whole, so she creates it and refuses to let other people’s fear keep her in the box.  She has learned not to complain about how unfair and wrong someone or something else is, but to instead set the example of how it should be done.  She doesn’t give a fuck about propriety and has taken a stand to make waves, not conform.

A Wyld Woman leaves guilt behind because she knows if she doesn’t believe she deserves to be happy, then who will? She makes it a personal mission to love herself and others, flaws and all and she accepts pain as a rite of passage in life but never forgets to acknowledge the beauty and abundance that exists as well. She knows she has a purpose: she is wyld; she is fierce and she is free.

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