A Wyld Woman Takes Care of Herself

So often we get caught up in thinking that the only way to show we care is to pour everything we have into taking care of others, often neglecting ourselves in the process. Then we wonder why we feel burnt out and disengaged. Forget that noise. Time to give yourself a little lovin’ and learn to put yourself F.I.R.S.T.

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Get Some Kick Ass Ideas

Tired of the same old cookie cutter advice for self care? Me Too. I’ve included some familar tips and some juicy new ones to get the creativity flowing.

Find Out Pitfalls To Avoid

It’s not enough to know what to do. Sometimes you need to know how to not get tripped up so you can keep up with your new routine.

Get More Support If You Need It

I’ve included a few ways to get extra support yourself or with me to continue learning to love and value yourself so you can conquer the world.

Are You Constantly Doing Everything For Everyone Else? Do You Feel A Little Worn Out And Frazzled As Hell? Is Your Circle Of Friends More Like A Square? I Get It. Life Get’s In The Way. But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way.

You Might Be Thinking…

Things People (Like Me) Have Said About Taking Time For Themselves

” I feel so selfish if I take time away from my family and other people who need me. I just don’t know how to stop feeling guilty when I am feeling like I need some me time. I’s feeling lost”

” Who the am I to pamper myself when other people are suffering. It doesn’t feel good to me. I’m lucky I have what I have and I need to be happy with it. I don’t deserve special treatment ”

” There’s no time. I have so much to do. As much as I realize it’s important to take care of myself, I also need to feed my family and make some money. Some things are more important ”

Uh Uh…How Can You Be The Best Version Of Yourself If You Are Feeling Like Shit All The Time??? You Can’t My Friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included?

This is a 5 day Email Course that will help you:

  • Get some clarity and motivation to put yourself first
  • Start doing things you love again…umm yess!
  • Find ways to make time work for you
  • Get some support for honoring your new mission to put yourself first and stop waiting to really live your life
  • Get the scoop on some fabulous ways to have fun and take care of you (especially if you are rusty at it)
  • Feel less frazzled and more empowered to make your inner vixen roar. Hell yeah!
Who Is This For?

Any woman who is ready to take back her life and wants to take care of herself but keeps putting it off.

My tribe tends to be more introverted women who have big ass dreams and hearts to go with it, but feel awkward and out of place.

They are free spirits with a penchant for hiding it in favor of doing the “right” thing and looking normal to everyone else.  In other words, Misfits and Rebels.

Is This Really Free?

Yes! This is 100% free. I will provide an opportunity to go deeper if you want, but you totally don’t have to and you’ll still get some great value.

Umm...Who Are You?

Hey, I’m Kris and I like to help people stop hiding and start unleashing all the kick ass gifts they have to offer. Life’s too short to wait for someday!

I call myself an Epic Life Advocate because that’s what I do…and it’s what I love. I love to learn and am somewhat of a research junkie, but not the boring kind. 😉

I travel full time with my family and I also have a podcast launching in March, woohoo! Introvert, misfit and badass mama at your service.

You Deserve To Feel Freaking Amazing

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